OMG THIS WEEK WENT BY SO FAST, ALREADY MY LAST GIU DAY, Thank you all for the great comments this week…Today showing  you some gift bags I made with Unity Stamps…AND A BIG THANK YOU TO UNITY STAMP CO FOR ALLOWING ME TO BE PART OF THIS GROUP OF AMAZING PEOPLE XOXO

A bag stand I made

24 thoughts on “DAY 5 GIU

  1. Wow, great and creative gift bags! Love your stand! You must do really well at your craft fairs! 🙂 I have enjoyed all your projects this week, thanks for sharing with us!


  2. Such lovely gift bags! It’s such a creative way to gift too. I definitely need to try this or stamping a kraft roll for wrapping paper. The car background one is so fun. I think I need that stamp to do a section around a whole bag and use washi at the top and bottom. Thank you for the inspiration this week! 💕


  3. Congrats on your week at GIU! Loved all your different ideas thru the week. These bags are amazing! Awesome idea!


  4. How fun!! I love the pretty butterflies – just stunning. And the pink & grey feather; love that color combo. They are all fabulous. I wish you the best at the show!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity this week; it’s been quite inspiring.


  5. Your gift bags are so fun Joan! I have done that before but had forgotten about it. I need to purchase a few to have on hand to stamp. Thanks for the inspiration and the great week of projects!


  6. Wow!! Love all the gift bags! I had not thought of stamping on plain bags to up the game! And you made that stand to hang them on???? Amazing!!


  7. What a great idea to make gift bags! I love it and will definitely be making some. Thank you for the great week of wonderful ideas and creativity you brought to us!


  8. I’ve enjoyed your GIU week! I need to decorate some gift bags… so much nicer than plain ones! Thanks for the inspiration.


  9. What a fabulous idea! I’m truly inspired by this fun idea. I’ve really enjoyed seeing your cards!❤️❤️❤️


  10. These gift bags are so nice. What a great variety. And your bag stand is outstanding. (No pun intended) Thank you for sharing your talents this week, I’ve enjoyed every day.


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